The greatest Hollywood romance of a generation may not be as over as we thought, and one of the greatest rockers of all time will live forever thanks to science. These are today's PopBits.

A new report from US Weekly indicates that Angelina Jolie is willing to stall the divorce proceedings in an attempt to reconcile with Brad Pitt. Supposedly Jolie was moved enough by Pitt's recent GQ interview, where he claimed to have quit drinking, to try again for the sake of the family.

English scientists have named a prehistoric crocodile after the infamous bass player/lead singer of Motorhead. The Lemmysuchus obtusidens (Lemmy's blunt-toothed crocodile) lived 164 million years ago, and lived in the shallow waters around Europe where its large, blunt teeth helped it eat turtles instead of fish.

This past weekend, Baby's All Right in Brooklyn hosted a release party for A$AP TWELVVY, which Kendall Jenner attended. The club posted a picture of her bar tab, which was sans tip, to which Jenner clapped back that she did, indeed, tip, but in cash. Of course, the drama can't end, and the bar is sticking to its guns.

The former 90210 and Charmed star had a battle with breast cancer that began in 2015, but is now in remission. Shannen Doherty returned to work yesterday on the new Heathers television adaptation, and shared some pics and thoughts on how grateful she was to be back to work.

After being reprimanded for sending out some creeptastic messages to coworkers, Eric Bolling decided his best course of action wasn't to take his punishment like someone who allegedly sent out unwanted pics of his package. He's now attempting to sue Huffington Post's Yashar Ali for defamation and damages of $50 million. Good luck with that, but not really.

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