Has Brandi Glanville ended her feud with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his wife, Leann Rimes? Yes, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum said in a new interview, and they've learned to work together as a "unit" in the name of good parenting.

Glanville, who's promoting her new E! reality series Famously Single, visited SiriusXM’s Conversations With Maria Menounos on June 28. When asked about her feelings toward the Cibrians, she was as frank as you'd expect from someone currently appearing on a show about their real-life struggles with love.

"I think that I’ve acted like a child enough during the seven years," she said. "We’ve definitely had our moments of not putting the kids first and not being proper adults, and as the kids are getting older, something did happen with one of them, and I don’t really want to go into it, but it made the three of us — Eddie, LeAnn and myself — realize we have to be together on this."

Alluding to the fact that the messy split and subsequent feud was a two-way street, she says they've all put it behind them following an unspecified incident involving one or both of Cibrian and Glanville's two sons together.

"We have to be a unit, the three of us. We are a modern family, and we have to stick together in order to keep these little boys in line and to keep them from not manipulating us against each other, and we need to be together for them," she explained. "So that’s what happened really, something with the kids, and we just came together. And it’s all fine. And I think that LeAnn finally realizes that I don’t want your man. That’s all done, but we can all still get along and be friends, and so we are."

Rimes and Cibrian met on the set of 2009 TV movie Northern Lights, in which they starred. The story of the actor and the country singer's extramarital affair broke that same year, while Rimes was still married to backup dancer Dean Sheremet and Cibrian was with his then-wife of eight years, Brandi. After splitting from their respective spouses, the couple got engaged in 2010, and were married the following year.

Both Glanville and Rimes used Twitter as an, um, safe space in which to air their grievances with each other circa 2012. Brandi had plenty to say about the high-profile betrayal in her 2013 memoir, Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders. With still more to spill, she published a second book, Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance, in 2014.

But it's all behind them now! Well, kind of: Deadline reported in May that Glanville will compete in a new FOX cooking competition show called My Kitchen Rules, where she'll team up with...Rimes' ex Dean Sheremet. Time truly is a flat circle.

You can catch Glanville's new adventures on Famously Single, and listen to her full interview below.

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