You can find special pockets in many bras these days. It's amazing to learn that men are not aware of what women carry in our bras.

Here are the 5 strangest things I have hidden in my bra:

1. money
2. credit cards
3. cell phone
4. ear plugs (I was going to a loud concert)
5. feminine hygiene product

After listeners called in this morning, we found out women carry really strange things in their bras. One told us she carried a baby bunny rabbit in her bra and carried her around like that for 2 weeks. She even took the baby bunny to a funeral.
Steph told us about carrying her baby's pacifier in her bra. She said it was critical to have it available for her little girl and she knew she would not lose it.
And one listener told her she carried a frozen 3 Musketeers candybar in her bra. She says this is a necessity for any woman going through menopause.