Seriously! I was with Greg from 99X and I was like, 'Oh, there's a pig! I want to play with it!' Greg (of course) didn't believe me until he saw it with his own eyes as well.

Keep in mind, I'm the 'country' one of the two of us, so Greg didn't know any better and started petting said 'pig' with me. He was so ugly, he was cute and certainly very friendly!

At that point, a man came out of the garage and told me to be careful. I clearly didn't understand why... Obviously, this was a very loving pet pig. That's when he said, 'Watch out lady, that's a wild boar, not a pig and they're dangerous!'

Oops! On second thought, it did look kinda like the Arkansas Razorback logo... I'm sure glad he took a liking to me. One of the guys found him and decided to bring him up to the yard. Apparently guard dogs are out and wild boars are in when it comes to security! I'm such and igmo, but I stand by the fact that he was a sweet little guy!

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