The latest craze sweeping the internet is videoing yourself playing a prank on your dogs called, #WhatTheFluff! Of course, being the fur baby lover that I am, I had to try the prank out on my own herd of dogs... but they weren't having it!

When I say I have a herd of dogs, I'm not lying. I have five indoor dogs and several of them are BIG... that's not a trick of the camera. In order of appearance, the tan Bullmastiff/Rhodesian mix on the right is Cyrus and I adopted him from Pet Savers in August of 2016, next to Cyrus is Bella, another Bullmastiff mix given to us as a puppy by our friend Christine Thomas for Christmas in 2013 and Mikey, the Dachshund I found on the side of I-20 in the radio station parking lot in 2008.

Entering the screen later is Cajun, an English Mastiff, we adopted last November from Bossier City Animal Control. The only one of our dogs you don't see is Cam, a Cocker Spaniel mix, a stray we adopted in 2009. Unfortunately, he's not interested unless food is involved!

Clearly, my dogs are either smarter than the average bear OR I'm not very good at this challenge! I choose to believe they're smarter than most:)

If you decide to film your own #WhatTheFluff with your pups, make sure to share with us! We'd love to see it!

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