When you have pets, you're responsible for their health and well being... that includes providing timely vaccinations and heartworm preventatives, in addition to good nutrition, exercise and lots of attention! Here's how you can take care of your pet without breaking the bank!

While I still take my pets to my local veterinarian if I have any specific concerns, with five dogs and two cats, annual vaccinations can get pricey! Add in their monthly heartworm preventative and things get really expensive... especially when you have three pups tipping the scale at over 100 pounds!

Thankfully, a few years ago, my friend clued me in on LowCostVaccination.com. It's a traveling clinic that comes to our area monthly providing vaccinations, heartworm tests, heartworm preventatives and even oral flea and tick preventatives. I just ordered 6 months worth of heartworm prevention for my brood for $339.50. If I had gone elsewhere, that price would have been MUCH higher.

Dr. Hall and his staff will be returning to their location in Shreveport Sunday, January 14th, then again Sunday, February 4th from 4-6pm. They're located at 6560 Youree Drive Ste 1005 in a strip mall behind Cici's Pizza and FedEx. The best part about it is that if you call ahead and pre-pay, you get to skip the line! Here's the number: (800) 978-3910.

Don't let finances prevent you from a lifetime of love with a pet companion! And don't forget to spay and neuter! For low cost spay and neuter, check out the folks at Robinson's Rescue! They've 'fixed' several of mine and I highly recommend them as well!

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