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Dolce may be special needs, but he has all kinds of love to give! If you can appreciate a little bit of sass and a penchant for hijacking (read, stealing) toys from the other dogs in the house, than Dolce is for you! He has personality to spare and he's available for adoption now through LA Baby Mommas!

This terrific little guy is Dolce, a 9 ½ lb yorkie who is full of energy, attitude and vigor. Dolce
came to us from south Louisiana as a special needs adult, but his medical condition does not slow this 2 - 3 year old boy down at all.

Dolce has a condition called Megaesophagus, in which the esophagus, a muscular tube that runs from the mouth to the stomach, is enlarged and malfunctioning. This results in him choking and regurgitating his food if he tries to eat in a normal manner.

Because of this, Dolce must eat in a standing position. He uses a Bailey chair, sort of like a high chair for dogs, where he can stand comfortably for the time needed to (usually about 15 minutes) to eat and then allow his food time to reach his stomach (using gravity) and digest properly.

Dolce is so used to eating while in his chair that he actually jumps into his chair when he is ready to eat dinner or ask for a treat.

Dolce also likes toys and will steal them from his foster siblings. He is a sweet boy, but wants to have his way and sometimes argues with his human about things. Because of this, Dolce would do best in an all adult household that is aware of his needs and attitude.

Adoption fees for most pups/dogs through LA Baby Mommas start at $250, and include getting your new companion up to date on shots, deworming, a free wellness exam and either spay/neutering along with rabies vaccine by five months of age at Robinson Rescue in Shreveport, LA as needed.

Once LA Baby Mommas receives your adoption application, their board will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. Then, they require a nonrefundable deposit of $ 100 of the adoption fee to hold the pup/dog until placement.

1. Find the Adoption Application at http://www.lababymommas.org/

2. Send LA Baby Mommas a private message letting us know to watch for your app.

3. Contact Louisiana Baby Mommas for questions: Jean Williams Johnson text (318) 286-6692. You can also email lababymommas@gmail.com

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