Each week, Bristol's Babies shines the spotlight on adoptable pets right here in northwest Louisiana and with your help, we hope to eventually find them all homes!

Janelle is just two-years-old and she's already got a litter of puppies. Granted, dogs can start procreating much earlier, but Janelle was out on the streets, abandoned on the side of the road with her pups. Thank goodness she's at Pet Savers now. But no matter how nice the Pet Savers folks are, the shelter is no replacement for a loving home. Meet Janelle today at Pet Savers of Shreveport! Her adoption fee is $125.

I came here with my puppies, Jake, Jimmy and Josh. We were found abandoned along the side of the road. I am a two year old Red Heeler mix. I'm glad we all have a safe place to stay but we're ready to find a forever home.

Pet Savers is located at 4380 Noyes Drive, Shreveport, LA 71119 and they are open daily from 12 pm - 4 pm. You can call them at (318) 636-0400 or reach them on Facebook with any questions! Even if you aren't able to adopt an animal at this time, Pet Savers Shreveport is always in need of donations and volunteers so please consider supporting their efforts!

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