I felt like the worst mother in the world this morning when I left poor Cyrus in his kennel looking small and dejected, which is hard for a 120lb dog that is normally so full of life.

Yesterday, he had major surgery. My big guy managed to tear his ACL while chasing our chicken Henrietta. If there was any doubt with regard to my redneck creditability, there shouldnt be now.

On a serious note, Ive been pretty worried about it all. I probably sound dramatic, but this pup is my once in lifetimeconstant canine companion. I love all five of my fur babies dearly, but Cyrus and I have a bond like no other!

Ill never forget the day I saw him posted on the Pet Savers Facebook page... my husband was out of town, but I didnt even hesitate! I went there directly from work and he went straight home with me in my little bitty Benz that I owned at the time, smooshed up in the passenger seat like the happiest sardine you ever saw and the rest is history!

Since then, hes basically been my spokes-dog for Bristols Babies, attending station events, adoption events, 5Ks, fundraisers, the Barkus and Meoux pet parade and more. Now Im having a hard time telling my buddy, that takes nearly every step I take, that he has to stay kenneled as much as possible. It feels darn right cruel to do to a dog that doesnt understand that he hasnt done anything wrong and that was owner surrendered... twice! Thankfully, he will never have to worry about anyone giving him up ever again.

The road to recovery isnt going to be easy and I suspect in some ways it may actually be worse for me. However, I would like to thank Dr. M. Moore and Dr. Townsend and the entire staff at Haughton Animal for taking such good care of him. I also want to apologize for my friend Sherry. Shes the one who dropped him off because I was on air at the time and shes Cys second mommy. She really didnt mean to sound threatening if there was a bad outcome, at least I dont think so!

Pray for us! The next few weeks will be crucial for the healing process and Ill be honest, I cant fathom anything happening to my Cy-man, especially so soon after losing my Paisano.

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