It was one year ago today that I saw the picture of a face that I couldn't ignore on Facebook. It was one year ago today that I first stepped foot into Pet Savers of Shreveport on Noyes and met who would soon become my side, the one and only Cyrus.

I know it's only been a year and that we have three other amazing dogs, but Cyrus and I just clicked. He's my dog and I'm his 'person.' I miss him like crazy when I'm out of town and we both treasure our afternoon naps together and evening walks to the barn to feed the horses.

It was one year ago today that this 93 pound baby came into my life. We still think he's a Bullmastiff/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, but honestly, I don't care what he is. He's my heart!

It was one year ago today that I called my husband who was vacationing in Vegas and told him that he was going to be a daddy again. It was one year ago today that I committed to buying a 50 pound bag of Dog Chow on a bi-weekly basis! Now that Cyrus is in a stable environment, he's whopping 123 pounds according to his last visit to the vet! It was one year ago today that I couldn't believe that this sweet baby had been taken to Pet Savers not once, but twice... every day since I've had the same thought. Oh well, he's perfect for our family and I can't imagine life without him in it!

For all these reasons and more, I urge you, adopt, don't shop! You might just find your new best friend! I did!

Are you searching for puppy love?!?! We post a new pet for adoption in our area each week in an effort to make sure all of our furbabies have a happy home. If you'd like to grow your family, make sure to check out Bristol's Babies!

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