Bruce Banner makes a pretty big appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. While there are tons of downsides, there are a couple of positives, too. Rather than being a runaway freight train like he was in the early days, he's learned to control his emotions pretty capably. As such, he's the perfect person to show Jennifer Walters the ropes after she finds herself with Hulk powers.

One of the major themes of the show seems to be that The Hulk is pretty comfortable with who he is at this point. She-Hulk... not so much. It would be tough for anyone to get used to being a huge green monster, but it must be much more difficult when you're trying to hold a normal career, like that of a lawyer.

Luckily, being a lawyer means she's a pretty level-headed person and doesn't struggle with anger in the same way Bruce did, but she does feel like it'll be difficult to get people to take her seriously.

In a new clip from the show, we see The Hulk acting as a mentor, showing She-Hulk how to manage her newfound strength. He specifically explains to her that it's all about balance. Not hitting too hard, and not holding back too much. He jumps and punches the ground near the side of a cliff. While the ground rumbles a little bit, he does no major damage to the surrounding area. When She-Hulk tries it, she realizes that she punched maybe just a little too hard. Some rocks begin to fall from the side of the cliff, and a tree falls to the ground. The Hulk kicks her off the cliff as punishment, and she jumps right back up.

After telling her about some of the complications involved in living life as a Hulk, he explains one of his favorite upsides. They head over to a bar on the beach, where Banner explains that their bodies metabolize alcohol incredibly quickly, meaning they can drink as much as they want and not throw up.

You can watch the clip below, and the whole show will be available on Aug. 17.

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