2020 killed my spirit. No, really, it did. I went from enjoying countless concerts, live sports games, all kinds of celebratory occasions with my close friends and family to a whole bunch of nothing. Zilch, nada. Once the pandemic hit, everything came to a screeching halt and it slowly started to crush my spirit.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, luckily the year 2021 has brought us a lot more good compared to its evil sister 2020. The one thing the pandemic did bring that caused many to celebrate was stimulus money. I don't know about you, but that $1,400 didn't go far for me.

Luckily for us, Bud Light is working around the clock to get an epic stimulus package approved just in time to make our summer epic. According to Thrillest, the eagerly anticipated Bud Light Summer Stimmy proposal includes $10 Milly worth of prizes. Yup, that's right $10 million dollars, it's not just huge prizes, we get to cash in on some experiences too.

What if your next concert at Brookshire's Grocery Arena was on Bud Light? What if you could go to your favorite bar in downtown Shreveport and enjoy free Bud Light? As in Bud Light would pick up your tab just for drinking their beer?

We don't exactly know when the powers that be will give Bud Light's Stimmy Proposal a green light. However, we plan to keep checking and refreshing the BudLightSummerStimmy.com page and are eager for the stimmy package to hit.

Bud Light's website has an epic summer mission statement "Bud Light is proud to introduce the Bud Light Summer Stimmy proposal to bring back some much-needed fun and be sure everyone across America has the best summer ever. We need your endorsement to make it happen! Sign up below to get notified when the Summer Stimmy is officially approved!" I mean, they have our full support.

I went ahead and scoured the stimmy proposal which is actually hilarious and the prizes are nothing short of epic.

What does Bud Light plan to give out? So far this is what we know:

100,000 free tickets to sporting events.

Free round of Bud Light at your local bar. (Order Bud Light, the tab may be picked up unbeknownst to you.)

Free live music tickets. 


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