A Caddo Parish local needs your help raising funds to get his new game, AcroMania, off the ground. Jeff Leon, majority owner of Q.F.T. Games, LLC, wrote to tell us about the game and the Kickstarter campaign they've started to help fund the project.

AcroMania sounds perfect for game night with the family or fun with friends. After all, we text in acronyms all the time! SMH, FML, WYD, all come to mind in a blink! What will you and your friends come up with?

Here's the press release for the AcroMania Kickstarter Campaign:


AcroMania, A game to play  for family night OR with a group of degenerates

Shreveport, LA, 2/4/20- A Louisiana local startup game company, Q.F.T. Games LLC, is introducing their very first game concept (AcroMania) via Kickstarter Campaign beginning February 14th 2020.  This is very exciting news as AcroMania is one of the most diversely enjoyable games ever developed.  The players control the language and tone of the game which make it both entertaining and appropriate for just about all ages and personality types.  In this game you need only know what an acronym is and have basic communication skills.  AcroMania also has educational implications as it forces you to search your own vocabulary and knowledge in each round thus helping sharpen wit.  In AcroMania you are limited only by your own education and vocabulary!

I love games, especially ones that require thought. But finding one that could be played and enjoyed by people of all different ages, personality types, cultural backgrounds, etc. didn’t seem to exist.  I wanted to fix that.” –Jeff Leon Q.F.T. Games LLC.  In this acronym based tabletop card game players amuse each other by developing phrases from acronym and category combinations.  As there are so many possible letter arrangements and category pairings, chances of repeat answers are very highly unlikely making it new with every game.  “AcroMania can best be described as if Cards Against Humanity and Scattegories had a baby that grew up to be captain of the football team.”- Jeff Leon Q.F.T. Games LLC.

“A fun, easy to understand yet brain challenging game. I can actually gauge my own mood by what words pop into my head for the acronym. I especially love reading the acronyms of other players.”-Tracy Ward (Retired Educator).  

In AcroMania, a single die is rolled. The number shown represents amount of letter cards drawn and exposed thus setting an acronym for that round.  A category card is then drawn and paired with the acronym.  Players then write a phrase they feel best represents what that acronym stands for based on the category provided.  The answers are read aloud and everyone votes on their favorite.  The winner keeps possession of the category card.  The 2 players with the most category cards after 10 rounds of play face off in Championship round.  “I like the game. I find the categories are interesting and are good for any player. It can be as clean or as dirty as the players choose, which could make this a go to drinking game, or something for the family on pizza night.”-Michael Worthington (Engineering Technician). 

Spread the word, follow us on Facebook, and/or get ready to back the Kickstarter Campaign. Q.F.T Games LLC and AcroMania won’t succeed without your help!

Explainer Video: https://youtu.be/V11BSICjt3c

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/acromania/acromania?ref=4fdiyn&token=e9acd8d2

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcroManiaGame/  

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