Doctor Cade Brumley's new deal is a record breaker. The DeSoto superintendent recently accepted the job of superintendent of schools in Jefferson Parish. The board there voted 6 to 3 to approve a record high salary for the position. Brumley is scheduled to make 269 thousand dollars a year. Brumley is said to be starting his new post on March 26th.

Brumley became superintendent in DeSoto back in 2010. Before Brumley took over the spot, Desoto schools were ranked 49th in the state. Now, as Brumley leaves the spot, the district is A rated and is ranked 9th in the state. Brumley said that he plans to use all the tools he used in DeSoto to raise scores in Jefferson.

According to the DeSoto school's website, here are a list of Brumley's accomplishments:

  • DeSoto labeled an "A” District by the Louisiana Department of Education.
  • DeSoto has vaulted to 9th in academic performance out of 70 districts.
  • All schools are “academically acceptable” (no failing schools).
  • DeSoto’s proficiency rates exceed state average for 1st time in history.
  • Significant decrease in suspensions.
  • Reduction in drop-out rates.
  • Graduation Rates are 96%, up 20 points in last 3 years.
  • Identification of Gifted and Talented Students has more than doubled.
  • Named "District of Distinction" from the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching.
  • National Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Roll (2016 & 2017).
  • Largest ACT growth in State of Louisiana.
  • Top 10 District for improving Special Education academic outcomes.
  • Top 10 for improving academic outcomes for minority students.


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