You've heard the phrase 'New year, new me' but these guys have taken it to the next level.

If you haven't seen it yet, a video posted by Baton Rouge native Cale Saurage has clocked in over 11 million views and the entire video is a MOOD. I caught up with Cale who told me the video was a result of he and his friends "just having fun."

We were already making a couple videos of us just having fun and basically just film each other being ourselves. The vids were getting a decent amount of buzz before this one, so we were trying to do one to add to the collection.

As a result of just having a good time, Cale and his homies blew up overnight, getting repost love from Complex, the Sacramento Kings and many other users with over 100k followers a piece. Cale said the craziest part was how many people genuinely reached out to thank him for the good vibes.

It was crazy how many people reached out to us letting know of what positivity we brought to their lives just through the videos.

I was always interested in what these overnight viral stars do with such newfound internet stardom, but even with all of the remakes, parodies and reposts, Cale says he and his friend, John Corban will just gonna keep spreading the good vibes.

Hopefully, if the clout keeps growing we can just keep having fun making videos and spread positivity because there is too much negativity on the internet nowadays.

Keep up with Cale at @calesaurage and John at @johnnoski and just keep the good vibes moving.

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