You might remember Holden Nowell from Carly Rae Jepsen's iconic "Call Me Maybe" music video, which became a smash hit in 2012 after being promoted by Justin Bieber.

In the video, Nowell plays Jepsen's hunky love interest neighbor, who the Canadian singer fantasizes about until she finds out — in a comedic twist ending — he has a boyfriend.

According to Billboard, in 2018 Nowell said he was actually uncomfortable playing a gay character in the music video.

Earlier this year, he marked the video's 10-year anniversary in an Instagram post. He wrote that the experience "changed my life forever" but that he still has "mixed feelings" about his appearance in the video.

These days, the former model and current Christian rapper — who performs under the stage name SixXx'Tre — appears to post about conspiracy theories online.

Over the summer, he called out what he believes might be a "satanic" conspiracy involving Bieber's Tim Horton's coffee collaboration, the COVID-19 vaccine and Bieber's recent health struggles due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

In a 13-minute Instagram video, Nowell said the fact that Bieber and wife Hailey experienced facial paralysis and a stroke, respectively, just months from each other was "super creepy and super suspect."

He claimed "there’s hundreds of thousands of undocumented adverse reactions” out there in regard to the COVID-19 vaccine, seemingly attempting to draw a link between the vaccine and the pop star and model's health conditions.

After declaring he had "no sympathy" for Bieber, Nowell launched into his theory about the alleged connections between Bieber's health and his "diabolical" Tim Horton's coffee collaboration.

"Justin Bieber is one of the most satanic puppets in the game these days. The same snake venom in this f---ing Biebs Brew [is] in the 'schmaccines' that's killing people and giving them the paralysis and the strokes," Nowell claimed.

He said he believes celebrities and politicians used "fake movie needles" to convince the public certain stars received the vaccine, calling the Biebers' health issues evidence of the elite attempting to make the public comfortable with the vaccine's supposed "adverse side effects."

Some of these side effects, he claimed, include professional athletes around the world "dropping dead" from their hearts "exploding in their chests."

Nowell also claimed the singer's Biebs Brew is connected to the Illuminati and the devil because the collaboration was released on June 6, 2022 — a supposedly covert way of expressing "666."

According to Nowell, Bieber has been "saluting to Satan" through Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Horton's, as well as by promoting the "gender-blendering agenda" — whatever that means.

He said Bieber is "rocking pearl necklaces, women’s clothing, rocking his hand on his hip a lot more than he used to…” which is apparently evidence of pushing the satanic agenda.

Nowell, who appears to be a very involved Christian, said  he believes Bieber is not a man of God, because celebrities "are not praising, worshipping and thanking Jesus Christ; they are worshipping, praising and thanking the devil, Satan. That is their god.”

"Sorry, Bieber fans. He’s still the satanic Illuminati puppet that he’s always been,” Nowell concluded his diatribe.

Nowell has since made his Instagram private.

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