There's at least one lesson to be taken away from Camila Cabello's appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday (March 22): If you're going to come for the singer, you best come correct.

Fans were quick to jump to Cabello's defense after a confusing performance of "Never Be the Same," which saw the 21-year-old air-strum an electric guitar, despite that the instrument is not actually featured in the song.

One Twitter user wondered as much online, only to face the wrath of Camilizers. "I'm trying really hard to figure out why Camila Cabello, who clearly does not play the guitar, is using one as a stage prop to wave her hand wildly in front of in some facsimile of 'playing' it, for every performance of 'Never Be the Same' I've seen lately," she wrote.

The only problem? Cabello does, in fact, play the guitar, and a quick Google search turns up plenty of video proof -- all of which the Fifth Harmony alum's fans were eager to provide.

"You can delete your tweet and deactivate your profile after I’m done w/ this thread with videos of her playing the guitar," shot back one user. Explained another: "There's literally an endless amount of videos of her playing Spanish and electric guitar. Shes been playing guitar throughout her girl group days and first played with her dad as a child."

It's unclear why Cabello decided to use the guitar as a prop, but one thing's for sure: the Camilizers have her back.

Watch video of her Ellen performance below.

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