School systems across the nation have gotten millions of dollars in pandemic relief money, but the problem now is will the school leaders find a way to spend the money.

$1 billion dollars is on the way to Louisiana schools, but the Advocate reports many school leaders don't know how they will spend the money.

The money was ok'd by Congress in December, but schools are struggling to find ways to use the money as outlined in the criteria.

Jefferson Parish  is getting $77 million. East Baton Rouge will receive $64 million.

Superintendent, Dr. Cade Brumley tells KEEL News how much the local systems will be getting:

Caddo 66.3 million
Bossier 19.1 million
DeSoto 6.2 million
Webster 8.3 million
Linwood Charter 2.5 million

Dr. Brumley tells us there are about 15 priority areas where school systems should use the money.

School Priorities

Dr. Brumley adds, though, that the priority areas:

Have not been fully refined as we have to match to corresponding federal allowables. However, they will generally be aligned with the launch of our strategic plan priorities. We will be rolling that out soon. My main priority for funds is: the ability to have fully open schools for face to face instruction every day and the associated costs with doing that.  Right now, we have +/- 70% of kids across the state in daily face to face instruction at schools.

This $1 billion is on top of $287 million that schools got last year in the early stages of the pandemic to help offset expenses caused by the deadly virus.

The Advocate reports Baton Rouge schools are planning to expand early childhood education programs and increase technology accessibility.

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