OK, hear me out on this:  I think we need B-52's from Barksdale Air Force Base to drop beads on the Mardi Gras Parades in Shreveport next year.

I know there are tons of logistical issues with a mission of this nature, let alone the U.S. Air Force's pesky "we don't like to drop things from airplanes on U.S. citizens" rule - but it could be the coolest addition to our Mardi Gras celebration since someone brought hot dogs to the Highland parade!

Think about it:  The Air Force regularly send the big birds out on training flights around the SBC.  Just send one out over the parade route loaded down with throws, and "laissez bomb temps rouler!"  If beads are too hard, how about moon pies?  Stuffed Animals?  I know there is a way to make it work - and it would absolutely make our Mardi Gras the best in the world!

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