I was out on a jog with my dog Olive and we were about halfway through the worst thing possible happened to us. We ran up on a snake. Olive, the snake, and I all froze with fear. This snake was basically 2 feet long with, it was a coachwhip snake. Or so I was told by a few people who saw my video of the encounter.

I mentioned the snake experience to my co-worker and he asked me "Did you smell it?" Imagine my face of disgust like "Who picks up and smells a snake?". Apparently many people in the south believe that they can smell snakes. One listener claimed that she can walk in a shed and smell them out and another listener said he can smell them when he's out fishing.

Many people claim they can smell rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and even copperheads. This has to be an urban legend. Right? Are you a person who swears you can smell snakes? I need to know, can you describe the smell? If so send me the description through Facebook here.


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