Just this week our newly adopted puppy Captain Jack Sparrow decided to have an adventure. He escaped from our house and when we arrived home, he was no where to be found. We panicked because first off this little doggy has already been through so much. He was found abandoned, badly matted and malnourished. He spent 2 months in a vets office recovering before he was in any condition to go to the Pet Saver's shelter.

My Daughter first met Jack, who was called "Alexander" at the vet's office and at Pet Saver's, at Miranda Lambert's Mutt Nation event that was held at Petsaver's the day of her concert at the CenturyLink Center. She absolutely fell in love with him. She called and begged to adopt him, but no animal should be adopted on a whim and did I mention, we already have a dog, a cat and a chinchilla?

Thinking that it would pull at my heart strings, she sent me a photo of the cutest little Shih tzu, who seemed to be winking. Then she told me his story of being found in a warehouse by some people who mistook him to be a skunk. He was so badly matted that he couldn't even walk properly and waddled not unlike a skunk. He was so dirty they didn't realize he was what color he really was. His eyes were so infected that the vet had to remove one of them, hence the permanent wink.

So you can understand that as upset as we were at the realization that our new four legged family member had gone missing, lots of other people who had become very attached to this lil doggy were also going to be absolutely devastated to learn that he was missing and out somewhere on the streets again.

We immediately called Pet Saver's to alert them of what had happened. We also posted the information on Facebook, hoping that someone may have seen him. Ninna from Pet Saver's was so helpful and calm. She told us what to do and help to spread the word of our puppy needing to be found.

We had already spread out all over our neighborhood calling his name and searching everywhere. We knocked on neighbors doors to ask if anyone had seen him. After talking with many of our neighbors we finally found someone who actually saw Jack running down the street and later spotted him again in a shopping center down from our neighborhood. We immediately went to the shopping center, but by this time all the stores where closed, but were able to talk with a Stage employee who did confirm that our puppy was there around 5:30. All I could think of was how busy the streets were at that rush hour time and my hope of finding him at all much less alive completely vanished. We had to give up for the night. My daughter was inconsolable.

The next day we made missing posters and my daughter papered our entire neighborhood, focusing on the shopping center where he had been seen. Pet Saver's was also busy spreading the word and posting his picture and last seen information all over the web. Ninna had told me the night that Jack went missing that posters were usually the most effective way to bring home a lost dog. And sure enough the very next day, I received a phone call from a gentleman who said he had seen our dog in the parking lot of Stage and after seeing him nearly get hit, he couldn't just sit by and not try to help him.




I am so happy to report that our puppy has been safely returned to us and it is truly a happy ending! My daughter was the first person I called to tell that our puppy was safe, Ninna from Pet Saver's was the second. Ninna said to me do you realize what an Angel that man is? And I said absolutely by the way... can you guess what the man's name was?

The very name that the vet's office had called our puppy when caring for him and trying to save his life when he was rescued off the streets.... Alexander.

Thank you Alexander!

Here are tips from Pet Saver's on what to do if your pet goes missing:

If you've lost or found a pet:

First and foremost... always have an identification tag on your pet, whether it's a rabies tag or a personal identification tag... OR BOTH.  Please also consider micro-chipping your pet.  You only have to do an internet search to read all the stories of dogs being missing for months or years...  recovered because of a micro chip.  Here's an example of one such story:  Two dogs recovered after FOUR years!

Time is of the essence when you've lost or found a pet. Do NOT procrastinate! The first 48 hours are crucial and increase your odds of finding your lost pet or reuniting a found pet with their owner.

If you've lost or found a pet do ALL of these things:

  1. Place an ad in The Shreveport Times (FOR FREE) under "Lost and Found Pets" (Stroller) by calling 318-459-3233 between 9am and 1:30pm, weekdays, and 2-5pm, weekends, or e-mail The Stroller, subject "Attention Stroller". They will only run it once for each time you contact them... so, you will need to contact them every day so that it will continue to run.
  2. Contact animal control in Shreveport at 318-226-6624. Call Bossier Animal Control at 318-741-8499. At the very least, you'll want to call them; HOWEVER, we do HIGHLY recommend you visit them to see if your animal is there and to complete a "lost dog" report!  Many dogs/cats are surrendered to the pounds daily.  Don't take the chance of your pet falling through the cracks because you didn't visit.  TAKE A FLYER WITH YOU... with a picture of your pet!

Caddo Animal Control:

1500 Monty Street

Shreveport, La. 71107

Hours: M/W/F 10am - 5pm
T/T 10am - 7pm
S 9am - 3pm

Bossier Animal Control:

3217 Old Shed Road

Bossier City, La.

Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

  1. You can also place lost or found pets on www.caddopets.comwww.shrevepets.com,www.fidofinder.com and www.petfinder.com (classifieds section) andwww.Craigslist.com and Facebook. Ask all your friends to share the information to get the word out.
  2. You can also post a picture and information on Pet Savers' Facebook PAGE. It is open to the public to publish or e-mail Pet Savers with a picture and details and we will post it for you.  We'll tag and share the post with many individuals in the area to get the word out.
  3. If you've found a pet, have a vet scan for a chip.
  4. MOST OF ALL:   Put up flyers in the vicinity where the animal was lost or found.  The flyer should include a GOOD and CLEAR picture, where the animal was lost or found, details (such as wearing a collar? tags? distinguishing marks? spayed/neutered? age?, etc.)... and most of all, various forms of contact for you!  (This method has reunited MANY pet owners with their pets... just like Jack!)