My daughters and I came across this extraordinary scene on Airline Drive this evening.

On our way home, we were waiting at a red light in front of Airline Drive. All of a sudden, no more than 15-20 police cars and first responders flew past us in a flash.

We didn’t even realize what was sitting in the road just forty feet or so in front of us. A car had somehow been flipped and sat on Airline Drive in the middle of the lane upside down. The first responders were just arriving to the scene.

According to witnesses at the nearby Taco Bell, the car was flipped after turning onto Airline drive from Viking Drive, after it collided with a truck already driving on Airline. The witnesses on-hand told me that after the collision, the truck simply kept going, never coming back to the scene of the accident.

As for the driver, from what I could see it was a female driver and she was standing near her flipped car visibly shaken while speaking to the first responders. Of course, this is just what it looked like to me from my perspective, and her condition or if she was even the driver is yet to be confirmed.

Once I get more confirmed information, I will update this article.

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