With just one look at the picture taken by the Zachary Fire Department just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you immediately know that something isn't right.

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In fact, if you just casually glance at it, you might think it was something done purposefully in advance of the upcoming Christmas season, but on closer inspection, you definitely realize that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

According to the Zachary Fire Department, just before 5:30 pm this past Friday, November 11, four rescue units responded to a report there of a vehicle that had landed on the roof of a home.

It didn't take fire officials long to positively confirm that report. And not only was the vehicle on the roof of the home, it was upside down with roof of the vehicle protruding into the attic of the home. To add to the oddity of the situation, there was an occupant still trapped inside the vehicle.

Fire crews along with crews from the Zachary Police Department, Acadian Air Med, East Baton Rouge Parish Emergency Medical Service and the Central Fire Department all teamed together to safely remove the occupant.

WDSU reported that:

The driver of the vehicle allegedly has a medical condition that caused her to drive into a ditch, hit a tree, become airborne, and land through the roof.

The home was occupied by two teenagers who were able to evacuate safely.

Once it was determined that everyone was safe, fans of the Zachary Fire Department Facebook page took their cue that it was certainly time to let their humor fly and here came the zingers.

Kendall wrote, "That’s an Allstate mayhem moment. If you don’t have Allstate you’ll be paying for this yourself."

Brandon said, "Can we take a moment to give a round of applause to the builders … somehow the house is still standing!"

Tommy quipped, "If this car was orange and had confederate flag on top. No one would question this."

Bobby added, "I told you to check the harness connection on the reindeer."

Just look and laugh at all the comments below.

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