The very first cruise vacation I ever took was out of the Port of New Orleans. That cruise started my family on a vacation adventure that has seen us embark on at least two dozen other cruises over the years. Maybe that's why I was so particularly pleased to hear that the world's cruise lines were coming back after the pandemic. I was even more pleased to hear that sailings from the Port of New Orleans were coming back too.

Carnival Cruise Lines announced that the Carnival Glory will resume sailing out of New Orleans on September 5th. When that might vessel pulls away from the dock on that day it will mark the first time since March of 2020 any cruise ship has left with passengers from the Big Easy.

Here's a list of all the cruise lines and ships that sail out of NOLA.

World's Largest Cruise Ship Docks In New York
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The Port of New Orleans will have two other ships resume cruise line operations during the month of September. The schedule calls for another four to offer sailings beginning in October. When that happens it should bring the total number of vessels operating out of New Orleans to 15.

Of course, the one caveat that could undo the whole schedule is the current uptick in COVID-19 cases. The cruise industry has been hit particularly hard by the virus. That's why cruise lines, such as Carnival, are operating under strict guidelines. The latest of those best practices includes a requirement that 95% of all individuals on board, that's passengers and crew, be vaccinated.

Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines


Now that does leave a little wiggle room for the unvaccinated to still travel. However, there are protocols in place. Among those protocols are a variety of tests. Those unvaccinated guests, including children, will be required to undergo a pre-cruise and pre-embarkation test for the virus. Those passengers will also be required to take a test prior to debarkation as well.

Now, if you are an unvaccinated passenger you will also want to consider the stipulations and requirements for visiting other countries on your cruise itinerary. I think it's safe to say that many foreign governments don't give a rat's rear end about "your rights as an American or your choice to not get vaccinated". Those governments will simply tell you to show proof of vaccination or keep your backside on the boat.

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Every choice has a consequence. I just want you to know the reality of the situation before you plunk down your cash on a cruise vacation.

As more and more people around the world are vaccinated against the coronavirus it will become less and less of an issue on cruise ships. Up until that time, if you want to sail, you'll need to plan ahead but at least you can sail out of a Louisiana port and I believe you can sail with confidence.

Now, if the cruise lines would create ports in New Iberia, Lake Charles, and other places along our coastline, I think I have already come up with the most perfect excursions any tourist would ever want to take.

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