A big vote is expected by the Shreveport City Council on smoking at the two local casinos, Sam's Town and El Dorado. A year ago the council voted 5-2 to implement a comprehensive smoking ban which included bars and casinos. But a few weeks later, the panel voted to delay the start of this ban to August 1 of 2021.

Now the council is considering a measure to exempt casinos from the citywide smoking ban.

This was some of the questioning by city councilman John Nickelson of a casino executive last month:

Smoke Free Louisiana and health experts are urging people to show up tomorrow to oppose this exemption.

Councilman Grayson Boucher is considered one of the deciding votes and he talked with us on Friday and says he is still undecided.

He's concerned that this could have a devastating impact on the two casinos in Shreveport.
Council Chairman James Flurry and Councilman Jerry Bowman have told KEEL News they will vote for the exemption for the casinos. They also have concerns about the possible loss of jobs.
Only councilman Nickelson and Councilwoman LeVette Fuller tell us they will support this smoking ban. If the casinos do win an exemption, Mayor Adrian Perkins could veto the measure and it would take 5 votes to override that veto. That's why the Boucher vote is critical.

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