Warning: This story is disturbing and some details are hard to get through. Reader's discretion is advised.

Some stories in the news catch you off guard and remind you how sick the world can be. I was reminded that this morning when I found this story of a six year old gray and white cat who endured horrible torture, but some how found his way home and passed away due to his injuries.

According to news sources, China Rose said that her cat went missing for four days and when he returned he had obvious signs of abuse. He had broken ribs, fur shaved off, and whiskers cut. He also had his eyes glues shut and was burned by hot glue.

The cat, Sage, passed away last Thursday, March 9th due to his injuries.

After reading that my heart instantly broke, and couldn't help the urge to think of my cat. I can't imagine what the owner is going through. I would probably be in jail if this were to happen to my baby.

The Human Society in  Utah did an amazing thing. They offered to pay for the vet expenses, but after hearing that Sage had passed they decided to put all donations towards finding the sick monster who did this. They raised $27,500, according to news sources.

This past Sunday, a vigil was held for Sage at a park where 150 people came out to support the family.

If this were to happen in Louisiana, the monster would have to pay up to $1,000 and/or up to 6 months in jail. Which is not enough in my opinion.

Donations for finding the person responsible are made online at utahhumane.org/donations.

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