Stay Connected With These Amazon Smart Home Products
Staying connected has never been more important, and we're not just talking about your run of the mill phone call home. There's all sorts of smart technology that can help you stay in touch with what's important no matter where you are. These gadgets make everything from video chattin…
Louisiana Reaches Settlement with Apple
A legal battle with Apple looks to be over. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, along with over 30 other state attorneys general, have announced a $113 million settlement with Apple over the tech giants 2016 decision to throttle consumers’ iPhone speeds.
Louisiana Receives Portion Of $113 Million Settlement With Apple
The State of Louisiana will be receiving over $3 Million in settlement with Apple after the company slowed down iPhone speeds without telling customers. Over 30 states alleged that the company did not tell customers about a software update so that they would buy new phones, resulting in the $113 Mil…

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