The term "catfish," as it applies to online dating came into the national lexicon around 2010.  That's when Nev Schulman and Max Joseph released a movie (titled: "Catfish,") detailing Nev's experience with a fraudulent online relationship.  Then, in 2012, MTV premiered a series with the same name hosted by Nev and Max dedicated to helping people in similar situations find who they were actually talking to.

Unfortunately, a man from California is the latest to fall victim to this con game.  This unnamed love-sick denizen of the west coast drove all the way to Louisiana in order to meet and marry his dream girl.  The victim had been connecting with "Rose" Williams for a while, and had sent several gifts to his beloved - including food and over a $1,000 cash.  Unfortunately for Romeo, his Juliet turned out to be 48 year old James William Eaton.

James is now in the Ouachita Correctional Center being held on a $2,500 bond, he is being charged with monetary instrument abuse and theft.

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