Today is National Pi Day! For math nerds like me, we know that 'Pi' is 3.14... celebrated on March 14th!

Lots of people celebrate 'Pi Day' by eating pie, pizza or other circular dishes. Others celebrate by solving mathematical equations involving 'Pi.' I celebrate, by honoring my horse, Paisano, affectionately known as 'Pi!'

According to a National Pi Day survey, 55% of Americans say they plan to celebrate and 66% were able to correctly answer that 'Pi' is the ratio of a circle's circumference relative to it's diameter.

According to the survey, the three most popular ways to celebrate are to eat pie or pi-themed food, share about 'Pi Day' on social media or run 3.14 miles. While I don't plan on running, I might make a quiche and I'll definitely share about it online!

Here are some other interesting facts regarding National Pi Day for the National Pi Day Survey: 

  • 12% of Americans say Albert Einstein is their hero (He was born on March 13th!)
  • 11% of Americans claim to be math nerds
  • 6% of Americans say they have memorized more than ten digits of Pi
  • 2% of Americans say they have a 'Pi' tattoo!

Just in case you were wondering, Pi equals 3.14159265359!

I won't lie, I don't have a Pi tattoo, but I have been tempted to have the Pi symbol embroidered on my saddle pad just to watch people scratching their head in confusion!

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