Actress Angie Dickinson - who broke ground for women in television with her successful 1970s series Police Woman - turned 80 yesterday.

Even though she starred in fifty something films, including Oceans Eleven and Dressed to Kill, she will forever be remembered as "Sgt. Pepper Anderson" in Police Woman.
The television series ran from 1974-1978.

In fact, I remember wanting to BE her.


I would wear sweaters and suits like the ones she wore. I even wanted to drive a 1970s Ford Mercury - the car she drove as an undercover cop.

I could never quite accomplish the sexy legs and infamous walk down the stairs that was used in the opening of Police Woman.

Dickinson was married to composer Burt Bacharach. She even performed with him in TV commercials for Martini and Rossi (on the rocks, say yeah).

They had a daughter, Nikki, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and died at age 40.

Here's a more recent YouTube interview with Ms. Dickinson along with some other recognizable stars.