While we've had the slightest break from the extreme heat of Louisiana summer, it's still HOT outside. This is a good, clean fun way to endure the heat!

These guys did the #WaterGunChallenge in Richmond, Virginia. At first, they weren't very successful. People looked at them weird, or didn't want to participate. That didn't stop them, though.

They kept going, challenging random strangers to water gun fights. The knowing participant would run up to a stranger and usually say something like, "I heard you been talkin' bout me!" All the while tossing a water gun their way.

There were plenty of those strangers who took them up on their water gun fight offer, and the two would shoot water at one another throughout the streets. At the end, it even seems that a teacher of sorts participates with them as well!

Who wants to do the #WaterGunChallenge?

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