The Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce has come out to endorse the proposed multi-purpose sports complex on Cross Bayou. The chamber says that not only would the Pelicans G-League team bring national attention to the city but would help in the development of downtown area.


According to the Chamber's research, they believe the project could have significant positive short and long term effects on our community. They believe that with investors footing 80% of the bill and risk and the city having access to the Benson family, the project is a slam dunk for the city.

However, there are still a few hurdles for the city to clear before work on the project can begin. The Pelicans would have to officially chose Shreveport as their town. The City would also have to secure their part of the money and the land to build the project.

The Shreveport City Council is expected to vote on Tuesday on whether or not to secure bond money for the project.

In the mean time, you can read the Chambers full statement on the project below.

Chamber 1
Chamber 2

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