It's time to start thinking about crawfish. And yes you can find them at several spots around town. But you will find mudbugs a bit on the pricey side and still pretty small.

Since we are at the beginning of the 2021 season, you can expect the prices to be high for at least a month.

Just about every spot that is selling boiled crawfish already is selling them for somewhere between 8 and 9 dollars a pound. Only a few spots have live crawfish and Larry P's has the best price for live mudbugs at $5.00 a pound. Farmer's Seafood also has a limited supply of live crawfish for $4.99 a pound.

It's funny, but when we checked the prices for this same date a year ago, boiled crawfish were selling for $7.99 a pound and a couple of spots were selling live crustaceans for $5.00 a pound, so not much has changed from year to year.

Crawfish Prices in Shreveport Bossier



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