We all love our pets. I love my Breeise, who's really a glorified mutt Bost0n Terrier French Bulldog mix, but I know I wouldn't be able to offer the kind of reward Matt Fusco is offering for his lost Ivy, a spotted Savannah cat.

Fusco is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of his beloved Ivy who escaped from the house he was staying at in La Jolla, California. . That seems steep, but this is a spotted Savannah we are talking about here! If you've never heard of a spotted Savannah cat they are exotic domestic casts that can cost upwards of $20,000. There is no indication that Ivy cost that much, but she is obviously very dear to her person.

The parents of Fusco flew from Chicago to help search. His father told reporters "If anyone has a pet, you know how you fall in love with your pet, he's my son's pet, he's his buddy." Not only is the search being conducted by the family, a professional pet search and rescue team complete with a bloodhound have also been hired to search for the missing feline.