Over the course of four days, Chipotle and Venmo are on a mission to surprise you with anywhere from $1 to $500! As part of the rollout, Chipotle is partnering with Venmo to do a giveaway to promote their new rewards program. Chipotle's rewards program is set up to help you get a free meal after you earn 1,250 points which also means you spent $125. Normally, you'll spend anywhere from $10 to $15 per meal when you go to Chipotle, so count on your 11th visit to enjoy a free rewards meal. When you are a rewards member you will also be able to take advantage of  “extra points days.” Now through March 15th, you can give Chipotle your phone number through your rewards app and if you are chosen, you can get a pleasant cash surprise ranging from $1 to $500 in your Venmo account. Get all the information and rules here.

Do you love Chipotle? If so, see you there with all the extra cash Venmo and Chipotle hook us up with!

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