The Food and Drug Administration is checking out the recall of Greek yogurt by Chobani after the company acknowledged a mold problem and pulled containers off store shelves nationwide.


Now, the company has not issued a formal recall through the FDA, but Chobani did notify retailers on its own about yogurt produced at its plant in Idaho. "We are reviewing this situation," said Tamara Ward, an FDA spokeswoman. "We monitor all recalls."

Chobani is asking stores to pull 15 flavors, but did not alert the public. Only after people started complaining and asking questions on its Facebook page did Chobani acknowledge that mold "commonly found in the dairy environment" had made some containers bloat, hiss and even explode. You should get rid of any containers with expiration dates from Sept. 9 to Oct. 7 and a code of 16-012.


Mold can grow on dairy products. It's normal on blue cheese, for example. But it can be harmful on some products, depending on the amount of mold. The FDA advises you to throw away any moldy food.  Molds can cause respiratory troubles and allergic reactions in some.


Chobani is asking customers to send in an email if you have questions. The email address is: The company will replace spoiled yogurt.