Disney Channel star Christy Carlson Romano of Even Stevens and Kim Possible wrote a heartfelt essay on Teen Vogue, detailing her struggles during her childhood acting days.
Romano begins the essay asking if Ren Stevens (her character on Even Stevens) would ever purchase a $40,000 crystal to help her life, Romano did in real life.
"Nothing could have prepared me for fame and the responsibilities that came with being on television screens everywhere," she wrote. "I was somewhat protected (or stultified) by staying on my set and making friends with whoever showed up to be cast as my best friend that week." She explained that she would watch films and be "insanely jealous" of the normalcy and relationships the characters had.

She then described a tape playing inside her head telling her that she wasn't good enough. "Despite all my public successes, inside I was insecure... My personal value was irrelevant until validated by my most recent accomplishment," the essay detailed.

She took a break from the acting world and went to an Ivy League college, hoping to get that teen movie happy ending of sorts. She ultimately dropped out and went to the New York Theatre community. It was then at 19-years-old her new habits began.  "I became a bit harder-edged, binge-drank more at loud nightclubs, and started to accept the transient natures of love, sex, and friendship," she said. "Growing up, I entertained thousands of families only to feel completely lonely."

She admitted that she has struggled with her relationships, career, and alcohol usage for the past ten years prior to going back to school. She ended up meeting her husband in a screenwriting class, who she now shares two children with. Romano is now doing well and claimed that she hasn't had a drink since before her first pregnancy.

Romano is gearing up to launch her very own YouTube cooking show.

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