Despite an outcry from some neighbors, the Shreveport City Council has approved a new development at Shreveport's old country club. Members of the council said they voted to rezone the area for the project because it will help Shreveport grow and promote economic development.

However, many residents in the area are not pleased with the decision. An outcry from many living in the area claim that they didn't sign up to be living next to noise and more people. They also expressed concerns over property values.

One resident, Megail Parsons, said the following after the meeting. "We're not surprised and we knew we didn't have a snowballs chance in hell. But we did know our voices were heard and that maybe down the road they will have an epiphany when what they thought was going to be a success may not transpire like they thought it would be."

The businessman leading the project, John Henry, responded to citizens' concerns at the meeting by saying, "The Lakeshore area has been marked by disinvestment for 30 years so there hasn't been any sizable scale investment in that area. So just by virtue of investing 240-million dollars it's going to have a sizable change in the immediate area." Henry went on to say "I think ultimately those folks who may not be in support of it today, once it's built I think it will be something they will be proud of."

The plans include single family homes, townhouses, apartment complexes and a hotel; along with renovating the country club and adding office and medical spaces. Henry says the project will certainly increase the value of property for residents already living in the area. Despite Henry's assurances, many residents are still skeptical that the project will benefit the area.

The multi-use is expected to create 1200 temporary jobs and 200 permanent ones. Construction is expected to begin early next year.

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