I was watching a show on Netflix called "A Girlfriends Guide to Divorce". There was a scene where one of my favorite characters went back to school and she took a class to help expand her horizons, in the scene she was asked what she thought being a feminist was. After she answered what I thought was a beautiful answer, a bunch of students teamed up against her and they started criticizing her for not using the pronouns they and them. Watching it, as a millennial made me nervous. Do I need to tiptoe around everyone with the words that I use?

Turns out, if I am back in my home state of California I can offend someone by saying "Watch out for that manhole!" According to the San Fransisco Chronicles, the Berkeley City Council announced on Tuesday that they would replace gendered language with neutral terms. For example, the word “Manpower” will now be called “human effort” or “workforce,” and the weirdest one for me to accept is not being able to call it a "manhole" anymore. You need to start practicing saying “maintenance hole”. Now say it ten times fast!

What do you think of cities replacing gendered language with neutral terms?

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