After several videos were posted on Facebook depicting violent encounters and gunfire in Downtown Shreveport over the weekend, the Shreveport Police Department says they are taking action.

Substitute Chief Ben Raymond says there is a dedicated task force assigned to patrol downtown and those officers will investigate the incidents like any other violent altercation. He also says that he will revisit the resources and personnel used in downtown. However, Raymond did add that none of the crimes depicted in the videos were reported to police.

Liz Swaine from the Downtown Development Authority also responded to the videos. Swaine says the DDA is in constant contact with the Shreveport Police Department to make sure all the needs of downtown is met. She also says that while the videos are terrible, the downtown area statistically has the lowest crime rate in the city.

Swaine says to help combat some of the acts of violence and vandalism, DDA is considering adding more cameras to the area. However, she says the biggest thing is that if you sees a crime or suspicious activity, report it to police.

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