If you haven't heard about this already, I must warn you that details about this story are hard to read and are heartbreaking.

Stevie (Steve) Stephens, according to CNN and multiple of other news outlets, reportedly killed a 74 year old man walking down the street on Facebook Live and commented on the live stream that he had killed many others.

Through out the video you can hear him talking to several people who were trying to reach out to him. He continually said that he just 'snapped' and was tired of no one listening to him or taking the time to hear his problems.

Stephen's mother, Maggie Green, told CNN  that when she talked to her son he told her that he was "mad with his girlfriend. That's why he is shooting people and he won't stop until his mother or girlfriend tell him to stop." However, Heavy reports that during one of his live streams he blames his workplace for 'driving him to kill people'. He works as a case manager for a Children's Behavioral Health Agency.

The FBI has teamed up with the Cleveland Police Department and urges anyone who sees Stephen to not come into contact with him. He is considered armed and dangerous.


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