A lot of us are thinking about taking a vacation, and many of us will be getting in the car to head out to our favorite spot.

No buckling your seat belt can lead to tragedy.

Law enforcement across the country will begin the annual Click It or Ticket campaign as another reminder about why it's so important to buckle your seat belt.


The statistics show that many deaths have happened because people did not buckle their seat belts.

Half of the children under the age of six who were killed in crashes in 2017, were not restrained due to improperly installed child seats.

In that year, fifty-four percent of drivers that died in crashes did not buckle up.

In addition, some sixty-three percent of people who were passengers in fatal crashes died because they did not buckle their safety belts.


The Click It or Ticket campaign starts on Monday, May 20 and runs through Sunday, June 2.