Disney’s live-action Dumbo remake has been officially upgraded from another basic Tim Burton project that elicits little more than a shrug to a full-out curiosity worthy of an eyebrow raise. Between the casting of Eva Green and Danny DeVito, and the almost-casting of Will Smith, and now the potential casting of Colin Farrell, maybe there’s more to this movie than flying elephants — like, is Dumbo sexy now or what?

Deadline reports that Farrell is in talks to join the cast of Burton’s live-action reimagining of the 1941 animated classic, in which he’d play a (sexy) man named Holt, a (sexy) widower and (sexy) dad of two kids, who hails from (eh) Kentucky. Eva Green is playing the role of Colette, a French trapeze artist (SERIOUSLY HOW SEXY IS THIS THING) who works for a nefarious big top circus owner named Vandemere (sexy name, TBH) — that’s the role Will Smith was circling. Danny DeVito will play the role of Medici, the owner of a smaller, more humble circus that’s bought out by Vandemere.

Scripted by Ehren Kruger (Transformers), Dumbo follows the story of a young circus elephant who is relentlessly tormented for his over-sized ears until the day he discovers his biggest flaw is actually his greatest asset. Metaphors about bullying and self-acceptance aren’t very hot, but I guess things take a real hard left turn when Tim Burton shows up and waves his whimsy-goth magic wand like a Hot Topic fairy godmother.

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