Howie Day has been arrested on charges of domestic violence stemming from a confrontation between him and his girlfriend at a Seattle airport last month.

On Sunday (May 13), TMZ reported that the 37-year-old singer supposedly became physically abusive with his girlfriend of eight years Carrie Pencek, who alleges the crooner assaulted her at Sea-Tac Airport, where she was planned to pick him up.

The indie-rock star, best known for his 2004 hit single “Collide,” was captured on surveillance video footage flying into a violent fit — slamming his guitar case and causing damage to his vehicle in his rage — according to a police report acquired by TMZ.

In her attempt to assist her boyfriend with his luggage, Pencek said Day yelled at her and pushed her. The entertainer supposedly fled the scene, but it was by that point that Pencek would signal a nearby officer to intervene.

Shockingly, this isn’t the first instance the performer has become physically violent. TMZ also showed that domestic assault charges have been constant with Day; the singer was previously jailed for allegedly punching Pencek in the face.

Pencek, who hadn’t pursued charges on the musician in the past, maintains Day’s violent outbursts often occur while he’s under the influence of alcohol and cites his financial woes as another component — the singer’s career has slumped since his one-hit wonder success in the early ‘00s.

Day is currently being held in Seattle under one count of fourth-degree assault, to which he’s pled not guilty, and awaits a court hearing later this month.

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