If you think the Ryan Reynolds' steamy scenes in Deadpool were too hot to handle, his and Conan O'Brien's take on The Notebook will leave you breathless.

Last night, Morena Baccarin stopped by Conan to catch up with the ginger-haired host only to find that they both have shared the same man romantically. After discussing the absurdity of the year-long sex fest her character and co-star Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool had in the film, O'Brien himself revealed that he too had kissed the lips that had kissed hers.

In a scene inspired by Jonathan Sparks, Reynolds and Conan locked up in an emotional kiss that even Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling couldn't hope to replicate.

Leslie Jones and Dr. Phil got a little chummy on The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon prompting the SNL star to challenge Dr. Phil to catch her in a lie. Jones' story about being chased through a drive-thru at McDonald's certainly had all the hallmarks of a great fib, but perhaps because there was a bit of truth to it.

Despite taunting Dr. Phil about Danielle Bregoli, the TV psychologist didn't take the bait, but at least we know how any encounter between Jones' and the teen would end if she indeed did cash her ousside.

Ah yes, the FaceApp. You can't look anywhere on social media without seeing at least half a dozen people posting their pictures as de-aged, elderly or gender-swapped versions of themselves. James Corden took the dive himself last night, showing off his versions of doctored images.

He also took the time to show off guests Ludacris, Elizabeth Moss and Eugenio Derbez as they would appear. The results were somehow even better than expected.

America Ferrera is as charming as ever despite currently being stuck on a show just a tiny bit below her talents. Still, that didn't stop her from engaging in a bit of improv with Stephen Colbert making fun of the superstore workers that chatter over the store intercom system with inane requests.

Look, we've all had that moment where we've been caught with our fly down or a shirt unbuttoned in the wrong spot. Most of the time, we can escape without many people noticing. Unfortunately for stars like James Spader, you might inadvertently take your picture with dozens of fans before realizing they were getting more than they bargained for in the photo.

At least we've never had to admit such a thing in front of a national audience with Seth Meyers laughing at us.

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