In a guest column that appeared on the website Friday, Congressman and Senate candidate Dr. John Fleming called for a complete revamping of the tax code.

Fleming made the case that Americans are getting to keep less and less of their own money:

"Last year, according to the Tax Foundation, hard-working Americans arrived at "Tax Freedom Day" on April 24. That's the day when, on average, Americans will have earned enough money to pay the family tax bill for the year. We had to work past tax day, April 15, just to pay our portion of taxes for the year. And over the past six years of the Obama administration alone, Louisiana has been hit with 20 new federal tax hikes, decreasing paychecks even more."

And the Minden Congressman talks about tax increases here at home:

"Meanwhile, Louisianians are about to get crushed by the largest tax increase in the state's history. The Louisiana Legislature recently passed a slew of new tax increases, including a 25 percent sales tax increase, an internet sales tax, an Airbnb rental tax, a rental car tax, a liquor, wine and beer tax increase and a cigarette tax – with possibly more on the way. Louisiana now has the largest state and local sales tax in the nation."

And Fleming, a candidate for the US Senate, calls for a simpler tax code:

"It's time for tax simplification and getting the IRS out of our lives.  There are several ideas percolating in Congress to reform the federal tax code, including the flat tax. Everyone should know upfront what he or she can expect to pay. Fairer and flatter rates also will help families and businesses earn, save and invest."

To read all of Dr. Fleming's ideas for tax reform, JUST CLICK HERE!

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