Seven contestants, all claiming that they make the best gumbo in the ArkLaTex, and maybe some of the best gumbo in all of Louisiana! It's Robert and Erin's 'Gumbo Cook-off', live on the air Monday morning starting at 7:30. And the prize: Entry into next Saturday's 'Gumbo Gladiators' cooking competition at Shreveport's downtown Festival Plaza!

Here's the list of participants who'll be bringing samples of their own prize gumbo Monday morning: Bruce Koury, now a resident of North Louisiana, but born and raised down south in Harvey. Paul Martin. Make that Father Paul Martin from St. Paul's we know who he has on his side. Tommy Meaux, a former restauranteur and specialty foods store owner from Lafayette, now living in Bossier City. Alice Patten, head marketeer and cheerleader for her husband Greg, who she says makes the greatest gumbo anyone's ever tasted. Kelly Killian, the mystery contestant. She didn't say much, other than to be ready with congratulations. Troy Jones, a chef of local renown. Troy specializes in Mediterranean dishes, but says he ready to widen his area of expertise. And, Brad Wright, my nephew, famous in the family for his 'hot dog gumbo'. He says for Monday he may go with Spam instead because, 'now I'm cooking to impress'.

Judges will sample everyone's fares in a blind test starting just after 7:30, with, as mentioned, the top three headed to Saturday's downtown competition! It's Robert and Erin's 'Gumbo Cook-off' live, Monday morning, on 96.5 KVKI / Don't miss the fun!