It is crawfish season! The boilers are cookin' up some crawfish while an ice cream shop in Houston is mixing up some crawfish ice cream.

The Instagram post reads, "It's CRAWFISH season so we had to do it...! The creative dessert outlet, Red Circle Ice Cream, has some pretty wild and unconventional flavors on their menu and this one is pretty far out there along with Hot Cheetos, Spicy Texas Chili and BBQ ice cream! In addition they've got some pretty creative desserts too.

Once you've boiled up that batch of corn, mushrooms, sausage, potatoes and crawfish and finished it off with a lemon, you can cool your taste buds down with this extremely unique flavor of ice cream. After selling out of the first batch, Red Circle Ice Cream has created another batch, then another batch and another but it won't be around for long because it's a seasonal thing!

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