Some residents of Mexico believe they have been delivered a sign from God. That sign, according to them, means that they should stay home and avoid others to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

According to the Daily Mail
depictions of the coronavirus.

Meteorologists confirm that the spiked hailstones are quite normal. The reason they look that way has to do with the lifecycle of a hailstone.

As water droplets begin to freeze into ice crystals inside a thunderstorm they are often lifted higher and higher into the atmosphere. This allows for layer upon layer of ice to form around the original water droplets. The violent action of the winds inside the storm and the layering of the ice around the hailstone give it that spiked appearance.

Since these frozen ice chunks did come from on high, I can neither confirm nor deny that they were sent as a message from the Almighty. I do know that a hailstone of that size will earn you a message from your automobile insurance company and probably somebody who wants to sell you a new roof. Personally, I don't think a truly loving God would want you to have to deal with either of those situations but I am certainly no authority on the subject.


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