It looks like the very wet weather made our favorite Louisiana dish come out and bring the heat a little early. I am not from Louisiana, the thought of eating crawfish always made me feel queasy, up until I tried them and was taught how to properly eat them. "You don't need no fork to eat Crawfish". There needs to be a YouTube tutorial on Crawfish eating for all of us that aren't Louisiana natives. Now, I am on a mission to become a fast crawfish eater. Aren't their medals awarded locally for the fastest crawfish eater? I have been craving spicy crawfish for a while now, so when I saw a post on Facebook I was thrilled.

A popular Crawfish stand in Shreveport announced that they are going to make our Christmas come early. The Facebook post from Chuckwagon Crawfish said "Hey y’all! Looks like we will be opening Tuesday, December 10, 2019!!! We will keep everyone updated on price and time soon!".

Do you know of any other places around the Ark-La-Tex that are already putting Crawfish on the menu? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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